Just some of the materials found in your home or place of work that contain asbestos

I have run my own asbestos company for 15 years, here are some examples of places where asbestos might be found.
Chrysotile Asbestos in old stipple coating
Asbestos Insulation Economy 7 Radiators
Cement Asbestos garage roof
Asbestos Floor Tiles
Asbestos cement Bath Panel
Warm Air Heating boxed ducting and boiler cupboard
old economy 7 have switches and Caposile Asbestos Blocks
Old Artex
Asbestos Bitumen Adhesive from floor tiles
Under cloaking roof tiles sit on Asbestos
Bitumen Asbestos sink pad
Decorative plaster mouldings
Plaster Coving White Chrysotile Asbestos
Old fashioned ironing boards

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